Facebook predictions 2021

Want to take advantage of the latest Facebook marketing changes? Looking for expert advice to help you get your marketing plans on the right track?

In this article, we share with you the top 4 predictions to help you prepare your Facebook marketing plans for the coming year.

Brands must humanize

Smart businesses will understand that being transparent, genuine and even vulnerable is smart marketing in 2021. People connect with people. This means that the brand must be personified in a way that reveals who it represents and what it represents. Introduce people, create more videos, and talk about what matters to your business.

Facebook advertising success is tied to the customer lifecycle

My advice for 2021 is twofold. As the online market continues to become increasingly saturated and Facebook advertising costs continue to rise, returning to the fundamentals of running Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns will be critical to success.

At the heart of this success will be to accurately assess the customer lifecycle and average customer value so that you know how much you can pay for a prospect while still remaining profitable. Review the records of your past customers to get a clear idea of ​​how prospects join your list, how much time has elapsed between someone joining your list and becoming a paying customer, and how much your average customer spends with you.

Use this information to build your projections and a Facebook advertising strategy that reflects your real customer data. Then you can develop innovative advertising campaigns that meet Facebook preferences with creatives.

For example, because Facebook gives more importance to Reels on Instagram, we predict that video ads will convert better than images. We recently tested ads that featured image with audio, static image, moving image, and video and found that the video ad converted at half the cost of others. Test videos, GIFs, and reels in your own ads to see which ones work best with your ideal customer.

Flexible strategies fuel the success of Facebook ads

Typically, Facebook advertisers experience a drastic reduction in advertising costs (CPM) once it is no longer possible for consumers to order online or shop in-store for Christmas gifts. There is a middle ground between reducing competition in the market and lowering consumer spending.

After the holidays, shopping tends to shift from giveaways to personal development. Under normal circumstances, consumers turn to life-enhancing purchases by making New Year's resolutions and trying to keep them. Some B2B sellers are offering huge discounts to entice businesses to make major year-end purchases to reduce their tax liability. People usually still buy, but they buy different things.

That could change as 2020/2021 is complicated by a global pandemic with unprecedented economic impact. If there is anything that 2020 has taught us, it is to prepare for unprecedented changes and pivotal points, because success is for the agile.

My best advice is threefold: 1) have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Facebook advertising in order to tailor the strategy accordingly, 2) anticipate the impact of privacy restrictions on user tracking (and therefore, the advertising), and 3) be flexible.

Facebook ad creation becomes less static, promotes positivity

One thing is certain: advertising on Facebook (and Instagram) will be smarter than ever in 2021.

Here are four Facebook ad creative trends that we predict advertisers will experience and see success for in 2021:

GIF: GIFs have proven to be a staple among intermediate and advanced advertisers, and they're incredibly easy to produce. Just take 3 to 15 seconds of any video and make your own GIF on a site like Giphy.com. Remember that while GIFs are short and nice, they still count as video views so you can retarget them as well.

User Generated Content (UGC): Sometimes your most creative and compelling content comes directly from your customers. More and more marketers are recognizing the power of UGC and are finding smart ways to entice their customers to use it in their marketing. UGC content can range from testimonials to fun and eye-catching Reels-style changes on how to actually use your product or service. Smart advertisers of course make sure that they have permission to use this TOS and then use it in their advertisements. This will become more and more central to many advertising campaigns as companies recognize the return on investment.

Collages: Collages are making a big comeback right now. And that makes sense - they catch the eye and encourage people to pause their scroll to check it out. That pause may be all you need to hover your eye over the rest of the ad (from copy to headline) and trigger the click. So try your hand at branded collages for your business and see how they work.

No more ads with lots of text: Now that Facebook has removed the 20% rule from its platform (although this is an unspoken rule removal; there is nothing official about it. Facebook itself), you see more advertisers playing with bigger, bolder text ads. Think about the popularity of quote cards on Instagram for many content creators. Why not play around with some of those same styles for your ads? See how they do it.

And one final bonus hint: We hope 2021 collectively puts us in a lighter mood, and we predict that ads that play with that sentiment will have the best chance of success.

Of course, you'll still want to run these and other techniques you come across through a robust testing process to make sure you're actually seeing results and ROI, but as the algorithm increasingly favors the new content, why not give these ideas a try?

Source: https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/social-media-marketing-trends-2021-predictions-from-pros/